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Hero Green Bond



Digital Realty is a leading issuer of green bonds in the data center industry. Green Bonds are standard bonds with green features, designed to support projects that have beneficial impacts on the environment compared to business as usual.

In June 2015, Digital Realty became the first data center REIT to issue a green bond and in January 2019, Digital Realty issued the data center industry’s first Euro-denominated green bond. We continue to pursue green bonds to expand our ability to access capital to cost-effectively fund the growth of our business through sustainable projects.

Digital Realty’s Green Bond Framework is aligned with:

  • Green Bond Principles
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • GRESB Green Bond Guidelines

Our green bond issuances:

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January 2020 Green Bonds Allocation: €1,389,800,500*

Proceeds from the January 2020 green bonds were allocated to support the development of five sustainable projects that have received certification in accordance with LEED, BREEAM or BCA Green Mark sustainable rating standards. Proceeds were also allocated to renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

January 2020 Green Bond Allocation Statement for Notes due 2025 >

January 2020 Green Bond Allocation Statement for Notes due 2030 >


Connect Way, Manor Royal (Crawley Unit 2), London, England, UK


11 Jurong Close, Jurong, Singapore

BCA Green Mark Excellent

44274 Round Table Plaza, Ashburn, VA, USA


21744 Sir Timothy Drive, Ashburn, VA, USA


44751 Round Table Plaza, Ashburn, VA, USA


Renewable Purchase Agreements, Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, USA


Energy Efficiency Upgrades, USA, UK


* Net proceeds from issuance of 0.625% Guaranteed Notes due 2025 (net proceeds of €645,755,500) and issuance of 1.500% Guaranteed Notes due 2030 (net proceeds of €744,045,000 issued on January 17, 2020).

Total 2019 Green Bond Allocation: €1,079,841,500*


项目/地点 认证
De President Business Park, Hoofddorp, Netherlands 英国建筑研究所环境评估体系:优秀
3205 Alfred Street, Santa Clara, CA, USA LEED(美国能源与环境设计先锋奖)金牌认证
21745 Sir Timothy Dr, Ashburn, VA, USA LEED(美国能源与环境设计先锋奖)金牌认证
9377 W Grand Ave, Franklin Park, IL, USA LEED(美国能源与环境设计先锋奖)银级认证
2299 Busse Rd, Elk Grove Village, IL, USA LEED(美国能源与环境设计先锋奖)银级认证
2220 De La Cruz Blvd Phase 3, Santa Clara, CA, USA LEED(美国能源与环境设计先锋奖)银级认证





¹ 来自2019年1月16日(净收益为849.6百万欧元)和2019年3月6日(净收益为230.2百万欧元)发行2026年到期收益率2.500%债券的净收益。

Total 2015 Green Bond Allocation: $493,055,000*


项目/地点 认证
3825 NW Aloclek Pl, Hillsboro, OR, USA LEED(美国能源与环境设计先锋奖)金牌认证
43830 Devin Shafron Dr Bldg F, Ashburn, VA, USA LEED(美国能源与环境设计先锋奖)银级认证
Unit 1, Power Avenue, Manor Royal, Crawley, Surrey, UK BREEAM(英国建筑研究所环境评估体系)Excellent评级
7500 Metro Center Dr, Austin, TX, USA CEEDA(数据中心节能认证奖)金牌认证
900 Quality Way, Richardson, TX, USA LEED(美国能源与环境设计先锋奖)银级认证
1-11 Templar Rd, Sydney, Australia LEED(美国能源与环境设计先锋奖)金牌认证
98 Radnor Dr, Melbourne, Australia LEED(美国能源与环境设计先锋奖)银级认证
Grange Castle, Nangor Rd, Dublin, Ireland BREEAM(英国建筑研究所环境评估体系)Excellent评级
43940 Digital Loudoun Plaza, Bldg G, Ashburn, VA, USA LEED(美国能源与环境设计先锋奖)银级认证

² 来自发行2022年到期收益率3.950%债券的净收益。

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